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Extreme Cougar Wives, Coral Springs

Seeking a Bi-YOUNG guy to feed to my Cougar
I'm seeking a VERY YOUNG guy, say 18ish, to feed to my 52yo Cougar. I want to see what see does to you. if your bi, all the better but no anal. No pic, deleted and you WILL WEAR A CONDOM! You'll get a pic if you selected. Don't be shy, I may pick more then one.She's 5'4" 115lbs and fucking hot! Do better then a one liner if you want in. I will be there and playing so if you're bi, all the better. SEND A PIC OF YOUR FACE AND COCK IN SAME PHOTO. IF YOU CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW.....YOU COULDN'T DO WHAT WE WANT TO DO.....GET IT?

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looking for younger guys who would like a chance a seducing a sexy cougar. HAS PERMISSION TO PLAY. lets set up a situation where you can get your game on and seduce her. pic for pic.

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she is going to a motel to be gang banged--- the more guys the better--YOUR PIC GETS HER PIC NO ANAL-- mouth and pussy as many times as u want---room donation is asked to help cover cost

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Want a married women whos not satisfied. Max age of 38. Lets fuck. Love you long time blaah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ad is to short...

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Frustrated and Horny - m4w
Frankly at this point I really need to get laid, for the first time. Yeah that's right make all the jokes you want, fuck you. Not all guys have the luck, me I have no luck. Hoping there's a honry cougar 30-40, SINGLE, that's still sexy enough to be my sex teacher. I want it all; to feel your tongue on my cock, taste your wet pussy, feel your ass clinch as you tell me one more, and suck on those perky nipples. I still have taste though, you have to be at least physically passing for fitness. So damn frustrated, the girl that very well could be my first keeps avoiding meeting. I have no idea what she even looks like, she's a bit of a stalker she found my picture somehow. Creeped me out when she sent it to me, a year old picture from my skiing trip in Korea. I'm bored and horny as hell because she keeps building me up then suddenly dropping me like a fucking rock. I really want someone this afternoon, just to show up knowing it's purely physical. Someone to slay my lust. Serious responses will only reply with a picture of them in panties with one arm across their breast. My response will be my address and what I'd like to see you wearing when I open my door, all you have to do is show up. Don't bother hitting me up with some freaking dating site that has your number on it... that bait isn't worth my time anymore. A bit about me, well I'm not a lean hunk. I barely pass my PT test but I still pass, fuck the 1 1/2 mile run. I am a smoker, unfortunately, but it helps calm my nerves a small amount. I'm a big nerd to, what kind of nerd? Well you'll just have to show up and find out. I love a variety of music ranging from Country to Punk and a bit of Classical every know and then. My bark is tons worse than my bite, at the core I'm a hopeless romantic who'd love nothing more than to treat a girl to a relaxing massage. I love to sit at Starbucks with a cup of coffee and read one of my favorite Author's books, currently reading "Cold Days" by Jim Butcher, book 13 of the Dresden Files. If you see someone that matches my description say hello and try getting me talking. Once I've taken interest in a conversation I'm really not that hard for a women to "pull". Ok my body language sucks, learning how to fix that. I'm not closed off, just not sure how to "open" up. Example, one of the girls that works at the starbucks I frequent has slowly been talking to me more every day for the last week or two. Today I realized that she's actually cute in her own way. But she really didn't try hard enough to win me over... though I'm starting to warm up to the idea of talking to her more. Wish she would have sat and actually tried to have a conversation with me instead of at me. If you know anything about Psychology with regards to the interaction between Men and Women, then you realize the roles are reversed here. To an extent... LoL, Julie? I think that was her name... I warned her. NO girl I've ever meet can take my full gaze. I asked her why she was leaving, "You're gaze is to intense, I don't measure up." Guess I shattered her, but I warned her. Give her props though she took my gaze for seven seconds. Best way I can describe my gaze is with an Anime, Bleach. Azien in the serious is extremely strong, to the point that he has to lower his strength for anyone to sense it. Ichigo, the main character, confronts Azien later on and Azien can't feel jack shit off of Ichigo because his power is beyond Azien's ability to sense it. Eyes are the best way to see a person's soul and strength, which is why Anime has such big eyes. The size conveys a lot of emotions very quickly, without having to draw complex facial expressions. I have yet to find one girl that could stand enough of my gaze to really know me. Julie (if that's her name) took about 10% of my gaze before she broke eye contact. I had tried it back around September with another girl, she didn't last two seconds at 1% before she broke eye contact and started laughing nervously at me. Is there not one girl out there that can make it to 100% of me? Grrr... Girl #3, frankly miss the conversation was boring for both of us. To the point that I didn't even try to remember your name. Very one sided, didn't even give me a chance to say something, just kept blabbing her mouth. Nor did she even try to look at me, kept talking away as if I was and wasn't there. Carrying on a conversation is a two way street. We talk, Not you talk or I talk... we talk. Geez... I get it though it was a frustrating day for you. Didn't make it any better by just dumping it on me, without a chance to give you my in put. I've had a rough few months, what makes you think I want to hear about a day? Especially when you don't involve me in the conversation. A Picture is worth a thousand words, she showed me a hottie but turned out to be a nobody. In other words... Liar. Ugh, where's a real women at?
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Any women age 30+ want bent over and fucked deep by a thick hard dick? As long as the ad is up I'm looking

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